What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?


Real estate agents work with individuals buying or selling homes and other types of

property. They are licensed professionals who must complete pre-licensing courses

and pass a licensing exam to become certified.

When working with buyers, real estate agents help them get preapproved for a

mortgage and find properties that fit their needs and budget. They will also assist

with negotiating and walking clients through the closing process.


Helping Buyers

A good real estate agent will know the market well and can provide data on

comparable home sales to help buyers determine a reasonable offer. They’ll also put

in the work to attract buyer interest—hosting open houses, sending listings to their

network and using social media to advertise.


During property showings, they’ll communicate details to potential buyers (like

whether or not a home has been remodeled recently) and can point out the pros and

cons of each house. They’ll also help buyers complete paperwork and submit offers

and counteroffers.


Buying a home is a big deal and it’s not something that a buyer should take on

alone. Buyers should always work with a licensed real estate agent to make sure

they’re working with someone who has their best interests in mind. Also, be sure to

check a real estate agent’s license status and history to ensure they have a clean

record and aren’t facing any disciplinary actions.


Helping Sellers

When selling a home, real estate agents advise their clients on how to prepare and

stage the property for viewing. They also know how to spot potential problems that

can derail a sale. For example, a buyer might be turned off by a home’s outdated

kitchen or peeling paint. A real estate agent can recommend cosmetic

improvements that will increase curb appeal and make the house more appealing to

buyers. Also read https://www.sellmyhousecompany.com/we-buy-houses-lynnwood-wa/


A real estate agent can also help their client determine a competitive asking price

for the property by providing data on comparable properties in the area. They can

then market the property using listing services, social media sites, and other

marketing outlets.


Most real estate agents are independent contractors who earn commission on the

sales they close. They may work with a designated broker or operate their own

agency. They often network to find clients through their sphere of influence, which

includes family, friends, neighbors, and business associates.



Whether they work with buyers or sellers, real estate agents have to generate leads

and bring in business. They do this through a mix of networking, advertising and

relying on their sphere of influence to make recommendations on contractors,

landscapers and more.


Seller agents also use data from comparable home sales to help clients determine

an appropriate asking price. They then market the property through multiple

channels, including MLS listings, websites and social media, as well as hosting open



When a sale is close to closing, experienced agents know how to watch out for

potential pitfalls that can derail the process. That includes making sure a property

has a clear title, that a buyer has been preapproved for a mortgage and that all

professionals involved stay on task and on schedule. If anything goes wrong, a good

agent will find a solution quickly. This is one of the main reasons buyers and sellers

hire agents – to keep things moving smoothly.



If you’re selling a property, you want your real estate agent to market the home like

crazy and get the best possible offer. That means putting up a for sale sign, listing

on the MLS and other online databases and spreading the word via social media and

personal connections.


Similarly, if you’re buying a home, a good real estate agent will know the area well

and find properties that match your criteria — whether it’s access to public

transportation or the schools in the district. They’ll also be able to tell you what it’s

going to cost to connect the house to the sewer system, for instance.


Another thing to keep in mind is that a real estate agent can help with mortgages,

as they’re likely familiar with the lending process and have dealt with several

mortgage lenders in the past. They’ll be able to guide you through the paperwork

and advise you when it comes time to sign the final documents.

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